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The United States is known for many things, and has an influence on much of the world, in one way or another. But, despite her power and prestige, and like most of the western world, our citizens are constantly searching for lasting fulfilment and purpose.

The need for Jesus is everywhere you look, and His promise of living water that perpetually satisfies our thirst could not be more applicable or obvious. Our desire is that the people of this nation would encounter Him and His life-giving good news. God’s spirit is doing an incredible work in the US, and we are honored to be part of it. C3 Americas (including Brazil) has 42 churches and counting. We are filled with faith for a future rich with encounters with Jesus Christ and the miracle-working power of God!

C3 Global


C3 Church Global is an international movement of churches: Christ-centered, Spirit-powered and connect-driven. We want people to know Jesus in a fresh, personal way, and to experience a real-time connection with God. We are a hospitable people – generous, fun, and full of life – and we are committed to healthy and growing churches around the world. As an international family, our members can walk into any of our C3 Churches and know they’re home.


With a passion for Jesus and desire to see this world won for Christ, Phil and Chris Pringle came to Sydney in 1980 to start a church. With just 12 people attending an Easter service, Christian Centre Northside (and the C3 Church movement as we now know it) was begun. This church grew to over 400 members in 4 years and soon began planting within Sydney and beyond.


With over 600 churches in 64 countries, we have a dream of seeing 1 million worshippers in C3 congregations every weekend around the globe. The C3 of the future will be even more vibrant, diverse, and energetic than it is now. As we look to the future, we’re excited about all that God is doing and all that he will do.