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Cory Bolles

Full Accountability, Full Empowerment

As a pastor, I'm learning that fully empowering leaders while also working to ensure leaders are accountable within that empowerment is incredibly fruitful. Without full empowerment our leaders can feel stifled, unreleased, and lack confidence. But without full accountability a Senior Leader can feel uncertain and at times anxious that the area or task won't be led and outworked well. So for best results, empowerment and accountability need to go…
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Becoming A Discipleship Church

Nothing thrills a pastor more than seeing real transformation happen in the lives of people. We want to see people grow up and become completely mature - completely like Jesus Christ. We long to see people take the lead in their personal world - marriage, family, career and every way that is important to them - to live their best lives for the glory of God. We yearn to see…
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Times, Seasons & Purposes

“There is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 One of the biggest questions the leader asks is “what season” am I in? The unwise leader tries to reap in a winter season, sow in a summer season or plow during harvest. Discerning leaders can differentiate between their ‘personal’ season and the season of their church/ministry. As the scripture says, knowing the TIME & the…
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