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“There is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

One of the biggest questions the leader asks is “what season” am I in? The unwise leader tries to reap in a winter season, sow in a summer season or plow during harvest.

Discerning leaders can differentiate between their ‘personal’ season and the season of their church/ministry. As the scripture says, knowing the TIME & the SEASON for your PURPOSE is paramount to maximum harvest with minimal energy & expense.

The Bible tells us that WINTER is a time of PLOWING (Proverbs 20:4), that SPRING is a time of sowing and pruning, SUMMER is a time of harvest & FALL a time of letting things die, fall to the ground and prepare for the winter.

God is a God of seasons and cycles. Many times, the eager pastor/leader out of a desire to grow exponentially big & fast, can find themselves working against the RHYTHMS of God much to their own demise. After 26 years of ministry, I have found that working with God is simply just reading what season we are in and adjusting the work accordingly!

We LOVE to reap… but if we NEVER SOW how can we reap? If we refuse to PLOW because of winter, the scripture says we will “BEG during HARVEST and have nothing.” If you’re in a winter right now, don’t fret, just PLOW in prayer. Break up the fallow ground, then you can sow your seed into that ground in the spring and REAP in harvest!

God has a great impact ahead of you. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you which season you are in both personally and as a church, then adjust your strategy accordingly. This will be the greatest and most fruitful year of your life!!

C3 San Diego, Lead Pastor